Hello, my name is Lucas Descroix.
I like to draw shapes and build systems. I make custom and retail typefaces, design books, posters and visual identities.
Since 2022, I run the independent type foundry Plain Form.

You can also find me experimenting alternative tools and organizing workshops with Bonjour Monde.

Want to get in touch? Contact me by Mail, on Instagram or on Twitter, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Publications / Press

Typodarium 2024, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2023

Global Type, It's Nice That’s Creative Insights, 2023

– It’s Nice That, 28.03.2023 [link]

Typodarium 2023, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2022

– Collide24, 09.12.2022 [link]

Type Speaks: A Lexicon of Expressive, Emotional, and Symbolic Typefaces, Steven Heller and Gail Anderson, Abrams, 2021

Typodarium 2022, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2021

Five Type Designers, Many Specimens, Communication Arts, 03.2021 [link]

Typodarium 2021, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2020

Our Favorite Typefaces of 2019, Typographica, 22.12.2020 [link]

Typodarium 2020, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2019

– It’s Nice That, 28.11.2019 [link]

Yearbook of Type IV, Slanted Publishers, 2019

Type for Type, Custom type solutions for identity design, Victionary, 2019

Modern Cyrillic catalogue, Paratype, 2019

étapes:, Pyramid Éditions, n°251, 2019 (with Bonjour Monde)

Typodarium 2019, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2018

Grandmaster, a Hip-Hop Inspired Typeface That’s Something Like a Phenomenon, AIGA Eye on Design, 27.03.2018 [link]

Typodarium 2018, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2017

Code X — 01-PrePostPrint, Éditions HYX, 2017 (with Bonjour Monde)

Crossover, Lectures de mémoires #2, Rhinoceros, 2017

Pangramme exhibition catalogue, ESAL Metz, 2016

étapes:, Pyramid Éditions, n°228, 2015

Après\Avant, Rencontres de Lure, n°3, 2015

Après\Avant, Rencontres de Lure, n°2, 2014


BASE10, collective exhibition, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (Au), 2021

All Fonts Look the Same, collective exhibition, Courtenay Place, Wellington (Nz), 2018

Pangramme, collective exhibition, Druckkunst Museum, Leipzig (De), 2018

Mastering Type 2017, collective exhibition, UdK, Berlin (De), 2018

Pangramme, collective exhibition, ATypI, Université du Québec, Montréal (Ca), 2017

Pangramme, collective exhibition, Biennal of Graphic Design, Les Silos, Chaumont (Fr), 2017

Typo&,;:!, collective exhibition, Museum of printing and graphic communication, Lyon (Fr), 2016

Pangramme, collective exhibition, Fine Art and Design School, Amiens (Fr), 2016

Les Suisses de Paris, collective exhibition, Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich (Ch), 2016

Pangramme, collective exhibition, Lorraine Fine Art School, Metz (Fr), 2016

Les affiches de l'ANRT, collective exhibition, Ministry of Culture and Communication, Paris (Fr), 2016

50 Diplômes, collective exhibition, 12Mail Gallery, Paris (Fr), 2015

Workshops / Lectures

– teaching, Type design, LISAA Graphisme, Paris (Fr), 2023-24

– talk À la source, Conférence 'Caractères', Lyon (Fr), 10.2023

– workshop RandomWiki, DNMADE La Martinière-Diderot, Lyon (Fr), 03.2023

– teaching, Type design, LISAA Graphisme, Paris (Fr), 2022-23

– workshop Plantasia, LISAA Graphisme, Paris (Fr), 09.2022

– talk Fonky Families, l'histoire continue, Les Rencontres Internationales de Lure, Lurs (Fr), 08.2022

– workshop You Dense!, LISAA Graphisme, Paris (Fr), 04.2022 (with Benjamin Dumond)

– workshop Swashing-Machine, DNMADE La Martinière-Diderot, Lyon (Fr), 05.2021 (with Bonjour Monde)

– workshop Gotta Catch, DNMADE Lycée Jacques Prévert, Boulogne-Billancourt (Fr), 03.2021

– round table Open Type #3, hosted by Lift Type, 03.2021

– teaching, Culture et Design numérique, Université de Nîmes (Fr), 2021 (with Bonjour Monde)

– workshop Les formes du web, EnsAD, Paris (Fr), 11.2020 (with Bonjour Monde)

– round table Typolibrisme francophone : 10 ans et plus, Open Publishing Fest, 05.2020

– workshop FerroCalendar, EnsAD, Paris (Fr), 11.2019 (with Bonjour Monde)

– workshop Worms & Horses, Liminal Festival, Bucharest (Ro), 06.2019 (with Bonjour Monde)

– talk Erwin etc, ‘Fonts & Faces in all their forms’, Fonderie de l'image, Bagnolet (Fr), 11.2018 (with Benjamin Dumond)

– intervention, EnsAD, Paris (Fr), 11.2018 (with Bonjour Monde)

– talk Donner à voir, EnsadLab x PrePostPrint, EnsAD, Paris (Fr), 04.2018 (with Bonjour Monde)

– intervention, Suger high school, Saint-Denis (Fr), 01.2018 (with Bonjour Monde)

– talk Autres systèmes, ESIPE Paris-Créteil, Paris (Fr), 12.2017 (with Bonjour Monde)

– talk, PrePostPrint, La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris (Fr), 10.2017 (with Bonjour Monde)

– workshop Détournement de fontes, Mirage Festival, Les Subsistances, Lyon (Fr), 03.2017 (with Bonjour Monde)

– workshop RoboType, Expériences Numériques, Maison pour Tous, Lyon (Fr), 02.2017 (with Bonjour Monde)

– workshop Gutenbug, Les Grands Voisins, Paris (Fr), 12.2016 (with Bonjour Monde)

– workshop Micro-Macro, Fine Art School, Nancy (Fr), 02.2016 (with ANRT)

Educational background

– Post-master course in typographic research (ANRT, Nancy, Fr), 2017

– Master in Graphic design (HEAR, Strasbourg, Fr), 2015

– Degree in Graphic design (École Estienne, Paris, Fr), 2012

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